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50 Shades of Cinderella

It is always the same stories we are fascinated about (at least some of us). They constantly reappear in various shades, and so does Cinderella. Not so much the fact of regurgitation is amazing, but its variation. The most popular … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Spot a Psychopath on Facebook

While there are lots of publications written and recorded on youtube to describe what a psychopath is and how it can be detected and defended, this publication exclusively focuses on hints that can be obtained from facebook, and yes—I’m so … Continue reading

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The Posture: Hands on Waist with Elbows up And Pointed out.

It may be attributable to my latent prosopagnosia, but because I cannot read too much from facial expressions, I’m quite good at deciphering body language. When I recently came across a picture of a friend I was fascinated by the … Continue reading

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Picked-up Quote on Love

At a reading at the Leipzig Book Fair, Ipicked up the following quote today. Falling in love is just like handing over to someone the power to seriously harm you, but only those who don’t abuse deserve it.

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The rise of necrophilia

In an IKEA ad at youtube (“IKEA Werbung: TV Spot “Gekommen um zu Bleiben” (30 Sek)”).  This women that already passed her prime time long ago complains that her husband misses his virility and it sounds as if a women … Continue reading

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Convey Stupidity

If you want to promote an irrational argument cloak it in wordiness. Or even better create a movie. Source:

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Why donkeys considered stupid and dogs the preferred pet of dictators?

The answer lays with psychology, human psychology. I found this remarkable quote in an Nature article that gives us the clue. “Dogs are the only naturally occurring models of psychiatric [anxiety-]disorders.”[1] During human evolution two kinds of animals were domesticated. … Continue reading

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Peak Beard

– A social psychological explanation of rising number of bearded men. – A few years ago a study appeared that tried to explain the growing popularity of beards. In a nutshell the theory goes that men’s attractiveness to possible mating … Continue reading

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Bird flu is the Loch Ness monster of the 21st century.

In previous centuries, whenever British newspapers sensed a silly season, any evidence however spurious about Nessi the monster from Loch Ness was warmly welcome to fill the newspaper pages. It is similar with bird flu nowadays except that it is … Continue reading

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Ways to Handle Emotional Pain

In general, there are two ways to handle pain: symptomatic and causal treatment. Symptomatic is pain relief without eliminating the cause of pain while causal is eradicating the pain at its root. Whenever possible a causal therapy has to be … Continue reading

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