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50 Shades of Cinderella

It is always the same stories we are fascinated about (at least some of us). They constantly reappear in various shades, and so does Cinderella. Not so much the fact of regurgitation is amazing, but its variation. The most popular … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Spot a Psychopath on Facebook

While there are lots of publications written and recorded on youtube to describe what a psychopath is and how it can be detected and defended, this publication exclusively focuses on hints that can be obtained from facebook, and yes—I’m so … Continue reading

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The Perks and Perils of Intercultural Love and Relationship, Respectively

The whole essay is coming soon. At least so I hope. I started with that animation. I’m going to relate some experiences as soon as will gather some more.

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Zika Virus for Brain Cancer Therapy—I have my doubts

A recent publication in the Journal of Experimental Medicine claims to treat brain cancer by a Zika virus infection. Why such a finding has do be mistrusted? It sounds like a weird idea to treat a disease by an other … Continue reading

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Indoor/Outdoor Sports

The difference between indoor and outdoor sports can be felt.   Outdoor you almost always can enjoy fresh air and new impressions above and under water. Indoor, by contrast, you don’t get cold in a rain, and the probability to … Continue reading

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Morning flower

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The Posture: Hands on Waist with Elbows up And Pointed out.

It may be attributable to my latent prosopagnosia, but because I cannot read too much from facial expressions, I’m quite good at deciphering body language. When I recently came across a picture of a friend I was fascinated by the … Continue reading

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What they don’t tell you about garage startups

There is more about successful garage startups than just the founder’s ingenuity and hard working. Most articles perpetually regurgitated by monopolistic media and various blog posts try to convince you that exactly only hard working and ingenuity is necessary to … Continue reading

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Aggressive Always the Others Are

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