What a firework to celebrate peace.

March 23rd a massive explosion occurred in an ammunition depot near Kharkiv. Roughly 150 tons of ammunition were blown up. This is a video published on youtube. This is good news actually.

The best thing you can do with weapons is blowing them up without killing people or destroying infrastructure.

BTW the international weapon industry is happy too, and that’s for several reasons.

  1. The most obvious reason is that they can make fresh profits by selling new weapons now.
  2. Their products, weapons and ammunition, are consumed without actually having to stir up conflicts. Stirring up conflicts is a cumbersome, time consuming, and costly endeavor, so it definitely reduces net profit. Simply blowing up the stuff in a firework is much more moneymaking.
  3. Even for the military industry killing people and destroying infrastructure is a drawback in every war because the weapons are paid by the people. People can pay for weapons only if they are alive and their infrastructure functioning. People have to earn money by peaceful working before they can buy new weapons. If infrastructure is destroyed they cannot earn enough.
  4. Finally killing people and destroying infrastructure also ruins social life. People’s desire to keep social life intact is astoundingly strong. People miraculously cling to their social connections more than to anything else. If they learn from own experience, killed relatives and friends for instance, how harmful war is to their social life, they give a shit about buying new weapons and that would be the ultimate blow to the weapon industry.

Thus this firework made all happy pacifists and war mongers alike.

A few month ago I published an article “What the Ukrainians Can Learn from the Swiss“. I’m glad to learn that Ukrainians are smarter than I previously thought. Thumbs up keep learning.

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