Bird flu is the Loch Ness monster of the 21st century.

bird flu

In previous centuries, whenever British newspapers sensed a silly season, any evidence however spurious about Nessi the monster from Loch Ness was warmly welcome to fill the newspaper pages. It is similar with bird flu nowadays except that it is more dangerous. Not dangerous in the sense of contagion, but dangerous because it helps the media to scare people instead of just entertaining them and politicians to further cut freedom.

Now that the American election is settled, a new threat is desperately needed. As we learn from the media, Americans can be continuously scared by radical followers of either Trump’s or Hillary’s campaign, this doesn’t work so much in Europe though. On the contrary, most Germans are rather relieved by the outcome and by far cannot be radicalized on this behalf. So what’s up next?

Terrorism? Unfortunately terrorism doesn’t work (as expected yet?) either. The terrorists that were generously allowed to enter Germany without border control feel comfortable in Germany or are arrested by their fellow refugees and miraculously don’t feel the urge to follow their primary business.

Bird flu. Yes bird flu. Although the last time when a bird flu warning was issued, it was heavily ridiculed publicly, and although it proved harmless to people and not so damaging to chicken and other poultry, politicians did forbid free range rearing of any poultry because of bird flu, an they threaten all farmers with heavy fines who don’t put their birds in custody.

I can imagine the desperation spreading among politicians and media moguls when German people welcomed the end of the American election. I can imagine their fear from a populace without fear. We all know that fear suppresses rational thinking, and a populace rationality is what our establishment fears the most. What about an establishement that overcomes its fear of a rational populace, would it become rational too?

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