What the Ukrainians Can Learn from the Swiss

In Medieval times, the Swiss were sought-after soldiers throughout Europe. They were brave and well trained. Though quite expensive, feudalistic rulers were eager to employ the Swiss wherever they could afford it. Out of that tradition, the Vatican even today maintains the so called Swiss Guard.

The Swiss soldiers were absolutely loyal. For the time of the battle they never changed sides but it was perfectly normal to do so in the next battle when the other employer payed more. Although ruthless against every strange enemy on the battlefield, there was one exception. They didn’t not do any harm to each other. When accidentally both sides employed Swiss soldiers they wouldn’t fight. In those cases the battle was won by the army that first entered the battlefield without any drop of blood being lost.

I’d like to see the same degree of rationality among Ukrainians. But what we witness at the moment is just the opposite in every aspect. Not only do Ukrainians kill each other, they do so in the behalf of strangers that go unscathed. While the Swiss demanded a great deal of money for their dangerous job, Ukrainians fight almost voluntarily. That is so preposterous, but these simple differences might explain why the Swiss experienced a stable society and peace for several centuries while Ukrainians have war all the time.

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