Western Selection for Ugliness

Amazingly enough those Western beauty icons are from the East. Kim K. is of Armenian ancestry.

Quote from facebook.

“OMGinger Snaps! Do you know how depressing it is to see that all the most Beautiful women in the world are either in the UKRAINE or Russia……….here in America are all these fat ass women who are Kim K. wanna be’s!”

I absolutely agree. But, knowing genetics, good looking women are the result of a marriage of a good looking mother and a good looking father, so you have to take into account good looking men in these countries too, AND a well functioning system of natural selection.

The latter being the most important. In the long run, social inequality combined with a woman’s inborn desire to marry socially up are responsible for biological degradation (ugliness) of the population. The more gorgeous a women the higher she will marry up the social ladder. Next, the higher up the social ladder the less likely she will have children herself. (A tendency that was observed in Europe in Medieval times already.) Conclusively, the uglier the faster breeding.

This tendency is observed in all Western countries. As social inequality is the driving force, we may conclude, and even prove empirical data, that the more social inequality and the longer it lasts the uglier the gene pool of a population.

What currently disturbs me, however, is the spread of this deleterious selection strategy into Eastern European countries. In Poland for instance, a dramatic change can be observed. Once renowned for housing a quite attractive population, today Poland provides only a shadow of that former glory. As the most attractive people left the country for the West, the decay was so dramatic in just one generation that it can be even felt. Today Polish women in their 40ies are almost as attractive as their fellows in her 20ies despite their youth. That is preposterous.

The next country that is meant to be bled dry in that respect will be Ukraine. You can literally feel this change by the increasing number of Ukrainian women advertising herself on dating websites. It is like a virus spreading from the West to the East.

Against this virus, I sincerely hope the Eastern culture will be more immune.

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