Ideologically Abused Mathematics

newpaper article

Every seventh child depends upon social welfare.

A German press agence (dpa) news featured by the media says “Every seventh child in Germany depends on welfare.” In Berlin and Bremen the figures are even worse. More than one third of children depends on welfare there. What amuses me as a mathematician is the stupidity behind the interpretation of these figures. Stupidity that applies to both the readers and the journalists. This news is interpreted to cause a feeling of sorry, and the leftists politicians are eager to abuse it to promote their ideology. But when all the ideological dirt is removed from it, the figures actually tell a quite different story: The stupidity is breeding much faster. That was predicted in a seminal movie. We inevitably approaching idiocracy.

And instead of reading the signs correctly and taking taking corrective measures (mostly stop from interfering), leftist politicians even make it worse by demanding even more support for those who reproduce and further draining resources from those who cannot reproduce because they need the resources that were drained off.

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