Why selling democracy?

You probably already know this world is a huge market place. Everything that is sold is sold for a purpose. The sole reason is profit. Unfortunately the reversion is not true. Not everything that is bought is bought for the reason of profit. On the contrary, many things in this world are not bought because actually needed but because of pressure, emotional, economical, and even physical or a bogus claim. Democracy is something like the latter.

Although democracy is subject of many quite emotional discussions, nobody bothers to define it precisely. Well, there are some definitions around that pin it down on the will of the majority of people. But if you see it in such a general way, you will end up with almost every country in history being democratic among them Nazi Germany—as Hitler was elected by the majority of Germans—and the Soviet Union. As the word soviet is just the Russian translation of democracy, the communists introduced majority votes in almost every aspect of social life. Nevertheless, most people agree that Nazi Germany and Soviet Union were undemocratic. Even more they would claim these two were typical examples of a dictatorship, but why they wouldn’t say. They simply cannot as nobody bothers to define democracy precisely.

Despite of these conceptual uncertainties there are some people around who don’t stop trying to sell democracy. Now democracy is not a commodity that can be bought and put in your household. Actually democracy has no practical value to an individual, so it can be sold to groups of people or preferably whole countries only.

But here arises an other problem which lays with the absence of a precise definition. If you don’t know what is actually meant by democracy, you can never verify if the product that you acquired actually met your expectations. Lets explain it with simple examples. Say you sell alphabetism a campaign to promote literacy. Then you can simply count the number of people who were able to read and write before and after your campaign. The same can be done with disease control. For instance you may count the incidence of malaria in an area before and after your intervention. Even economical parameters can be measured, the wealth of a common household for instance. But how would you measure democracy if a definition missing.

As we are missing a precise definition of democracy, lets have a look at only a few examples of what was sold by democracy in recent history.

Vietnam. In order to prevent the communism to spread from the North and to defend democracy of the South. Millions of people we slaughtered, the environment destroyed, and the abundant use of poisonous substances causes damage even today.

Iraq. In order to destroy weapons of mass destruction and to remove a dictator. A whole country was forced into poverty by an international embargo, contaminated by radioactive substances, and forced into a never ending civil war.

Libya. Libya was the most prosperous country on the African continent before democracy was introduced.

Afghanistan. After the attempt to remove the Taliban and to introduce democracy the the drug production soared.

Yugoslavia. For the sake of democracy the infrastructure was destroyed by multiple air strikes. Besides of many people killed, the living standard dropped and is still much lower today than it was before the war.

Ukraine. In order to introduce democracy innocent protesters were killed in a false flag operation, nationalists even fascists gained governmental power and the majority vote of citizens in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine is not accepted but answered with military pressure and killing of many civilians.

There are actually four types of business that are the most profitable at the moment on this planet. These are oil, weapons, drugs, and money printing. All the examples above are one way or the other related to these businesses.

Vietnam oil, weapons
Iraq oil, money printing, weapons
Libya oil, money printing, weapons
Afghanistan drugs, weapons
Yugoslavia weapons
Ukraine weapons

None of these countries became prosperous after the intervention for democracy, so one may easily conclude that democracy was just the pretext for other businesses. You cannot just say publicly you want to sell weapons or confiscate oil resources, so you have to obfuscate your intentions, by something that sounds more honorable. You sell democracy instead.

Now as stated above the lack of definition makes it easy to sell democracy. Nobody will ever be able to prove it. Therefore three questions have to be kept in mind when discussing an organization that promotes democracy.

  1. What is the exact definition of democracy? What are the expected measurable results?
  2. Who is financing the campaign? In the meantime, drug and weapon dealers and money printers financially support organizations with innocent names, so it might be difficult to discover the true source of money.
  3. What is your personal benefit? As stated in the first paragraph many people buy thing they don’t need just because of pressure. In case of democracy it is often ideological pressure. Someone has to free from it to make an independent decision, which is then and only then truly democratic.
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