Musings About a Queen’s 90th Birthday

The question that most disturbs me is why don’t we have a king of that age? Would be a sole king of that age also be so ungrudgingly tolerated? Wouldn’t he be confronted with perpetual embarrassing questions about his political role in particular and the meaning of his life in general? As a matter of fact the Royals are good-for-nothing, a lot of tax consuming, social parasites, but why would nobody pointedly ask an elderly women about that? The answer to that almighty question of human life history surprisingly came that very day by two startling anecdotes.

The first of these happened in an indoor pool. I had my day off, so I went to the pool swimming that morning. Admittedly this is an unusual time for those who work all day still the pool was crammed (it was no pleasure to swim) with old women (it was no pleasure to look). Anyway, I managed to wind my path round all these disproportionate bodies, until one of these old ladies stopped me forcibly. First she declared that she uses the pool every Friday forenoon which pushed me into the role of an intruder. Then she continued that she had some eye surgery recently and should avoid splashing water, so I have to swim more carefully. I wont elaborate on the stupidity of going to a pool when you had an eye procedure that forbids splashing water. My question is rather: would a man of her age show the same reaction? Would he also have the audacity to ask others for courtesy—a courtesy that is so bizarre as not splashing in the pool while swimming? Certainly not.

Later that day I went photo shooting. It was a nice evening, warm, sunny, and inviting to have a walk. I met a father with his son on their bikes. The son obviously just learned to drive his tiny little bike, and had still problems operating it properly. Though he managed it with great pride by his father’s perpetual advice. Both had a lot of fun. When they returned from what may be their longest trip ever filled with excitement and joy, they were greeted by the mother and her oldest daughter. Both were throwing water balloons on them. At this point I have to add; though it was a warm day in early spring it was by far not a hot summer day, so water was not a welcomed refreshment but unpleasant and cold. What these two women did was not to boost the two men’s excitement, a celebration of their success, it was an act of intimidation instead. Worst of all, the man could have stopped it immediately, but he didn’t. Instead he kept standing and waiting till the last balloon exploded and both men were wet. Would you expect such a phenomenon with gender reversed? Probably not.

Men when they feel hassled become intimidated, and react aggressively against others or themselves. In the first incident a man would retreat, start an argument, a grapple even, but never a plea for courtesy. Most likely a man would understand that a case against splashing while swimming is lost from the outset. Not so a woman, she can expect her pleas being accepted how preposterous they may be because confronting her even with her stupidity is socially unacceptable.

Men in a partnership are constantly intimidated by their women. It would become even more obvious if I add some more facts to the second example. The man is attractive, healthy, hard working, and earns a considerable income, in other words, he constitutes a desirable partner for many women around.

His wife is not a perfect match. Though her body is in a good shape, she shows a disfigured face out of so many acne scars. Also, she is not working any more. She is disabled because of a chronic neurological disorder that requires constant medication. In addition to inheritance of her disposition, there is a further risk to damage her children by her medication, still she is pregnant again. The tendency of men to accept their lot to aid women who became but a burden is perpetually enforced by their female partners and the society as a whole.

It is the state of affairs in Western culture that while men are perpetually ask for their value, women are accepted without value. Moreover, men generally accept women to be the scale by which their value is measured. This not only is the reason for such stupid scientific theories as the Grandmother Theory, but even worse account for the shorter lifespan of human males (no grandfathers actually needed) and the even more disturbing much higher suicide rate.

Thus the 90th birthday of a British female monarch mirrors the dire state of gender (in-)equality in the Western World.

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