The Perks Of Dating Much Older Men (The Dark Side)

This is a rather satirical response to a recommended post by The Little Mermaid whose link address is given here []. She illustrates the bright side that easily can be appreciated by an old men dating a much younger woman. My post is about the dark side that is hidden from men because not so pleasant.


As all this is written in ironic tone, here are some additional arguments in support of such a age-wise-lopsided relationship.

1. (it is actually reason 10+1) Easier dispossession

There exist mainly three ways to dispossess a husband: (1) divorce, (2) inheritance, and (3) incapacitation. The divorce is the most cumbersome. The process can be a pain, last for a long time, and still has an uncertain outcome. Inheriting is much easier. Mourning is shorter, and if the will was set properly lawsuit can be avoided. Almost the same picture with incapacitation. Though it requires some work in administration and nursing that can easily be handed over to some employees. While divorce is necessary with younger men, old men are likely to be inherited or incapacitated.

2. Easier to isolate

According to Greene’s “The Art of Seduction”, isolating the victim is of utmost importance. The older the more likely are chronic diseases. Chronic diseases allow you to isolate a patient. His fragile health is an always accepted excuse to reduce social contact.

3. Easier to dump

In case his assets are consumed and there is nothing to be expected from his inheritance, it is better to dump him. When he is old and plagued by rheumatism it is easier to convince the public that he is not a match for a younger women with still flamboyant sexual desires. By the same toke it is even possible to get adultery socially acceptable. Under even luckier circumstances the younger lover might be cajoled into killing the futile one.

4. Easier to manipulate physically

In one of the recent forensics movies, I heard the remark that women spend so much time in preparing food because it is the best way to chronically poison their husbands. (I wouldn’t venture to say that this is the reason for a male’s shorter lifespan statistically.) Anyway, a wife of an older husband has much more possibilities. As he is most likely on some chronic medication, it is much easier to poison him by overdose, underdose, or even substitution.

5. Easy power lever

A relationship with a much younger women can easily change the balance of power. It is mostly powerful men that we are talking about who will be chosen by younger women, but each powerful man knows that power is fragile, it is maintaining a balance among those who strive to take over. If a young woman as a partner enters the equation this might increase the man’s power because he is more accepted, envied, and honored, but if the woman ridicules her lover openly the balance shifts steeply and the man can be destroyed for ever. Not that this is plays out very fortunately for the woman. In the long run her reputation is destroyed as well. And there are only few women in history who actually did that. But the imminent thread to do it is what really matters. This thread provides a lever to control power, that a clever women can excellently use.

6. For sexual distraction take his son

In many old-men-much-younger-women relationships the man already has children that are in her age. If his son is seduced this provides the physical pleasure of the young and remains a family secret. Nobody would talk about it. On the contrary, everybody would try to cover it up. So the women would be free to indulge in such a double pleasure.


Irony ends here. This post is meant to be an information to all older men who plan to switch to a younger women. For all risks of such a relationship that are listed above, there exist remedies (kind of matrimonial agreement), but be aware all these remedies may reduce an old man’s attractiveness. It is a good idea to use these measures as a touch stone to test the honesty of her feelings. But, please don’t be afraid to find out a gold digger’s dishonesty.

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