Neandertal Men Got Extinct

This is bad news actually. It was published recently in an open access scientific paper. It is bad news in particular for all those who believe in the benefit of K-selection. For those unfamiliar with the r/K-theory, this page provides a concise introduction while those interested in deeper knowledge Rushton’s book can be recommended.

K-Selection Neanderthal > Asian > European >African r-Selection African > European > Asian > Neandertal

Neanderthal > Asian > European >African
African > European > Asian > Neandertal

According to proponents of human r/K-theory the Neandertals were the most K-oriented human race simply because they survived the ice age in the Northern parts of this planet. When the environment became harsh it was necessary not to raise as many as possible but as qualified as possible children. According to Rushton the same environmental selection pressure caused the present race differences. His findings summarized in the following table give the impression that K-typical attributes are most prominent among Asians while Africans are the most r-oriented. The Europeans stick somewhere in the middle.

Source: Rushton, J. Philippe 2000Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective (3rd Edition) by J.... Port Huron, MI: Charles Darwin Research Institute.

Rushton, J. Philippe 2000Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective (3rd Edition) by J…. Port Huron, MI: Charles Darwin Research Institute.

It is believed that some of the Neandertal genes are still present in Europeans and possibly Asians, but the study now revealed that this is not true for Y-chromosomal genes. This finding has a broder implication than just the loss of some genes. It actually means although Neantertals and Sapiens, the modern type of humans that survived ice age in Africa, interbreeded, no male offspring fathered by a Neandertal man ever survived.

Let that sink and think about causes. There are many possible explanations. The authors favor just one.

  1. They found a mutation that predispose for tumors in their reference Neandertal Y-chromosome, and that tumor caused a negative selection. In my opinion this is an entirely wrong train of thought. Tumors are predominantly a disease of older people. In prehistoric times when people died early, tumors didn’t play a major role in selection.
  2. An other cause might be violence. The mass killing of Neandertal men and abduction of their women. The same was observed with anglo-saxon mass migation, for instance. The study showed that Celtic Y-chromosomes are completely absent in England.
  3. My favored, however, is women’s choice. Supporting evidence is twofold. (1) Females in almost all higher species control the selection of males, so simply Neandertal women may had preferred Sapiens men to men of their own kind. (2) In the absence of social and cultural pressure, women seem to prefer r-oriented men to K-oriented men, and Sapiens men were clearly more r-oriented.

A woman’s drive to have sex with an r-oriented man is a result of natural selection. She needs a man who is sexually active enough to father as much as possible children, so her genes can survive. We can observe the same trend even in present day marriage statistics. Asian women prefer European men but European women rarely mate with an Asian man. Between Europeans and Africans the same picture.

This is true however only on biological level. Societies, at least the most developed countries, used to created opposite incentives. For example, the Chinese introduced exams for admittance into state service. A similar selection took place in Europe in particular in England before the industrial revolution. Generally, can be said that every society that manages to establish a K-selection, an incentive for women to mate K-oriented males, is more prosperous a few generations later.

Of course this causes a dilemma with women. On the one hand, they biologically prefer r-oriented men for being more sexually arousing and more likely fathering a good couple of children. On the other hand, they prefer socially successful men for being better providers for her children. To solve this dilemma women collectively developed two strategies: (1) They fight for social and financial independence that gives them a free hand to mate with their biologically preferred partners. (2) They fight for a so called social justice to provide their biologically preferred partners with enough resources.

This is all that feminism is about. It is the systematic destruction of our culture to solve a woman’s conflict between her biological instinct to mate the most r-oriented man and her social interest to mate socially up the ladder which mostly means a K-oriented man. On the long run, I wonder where we are heading to. Maybe in the future intelligent men can only be created artificially 🙂

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