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Musings About a Queen’s 90th Birthday

The question that most disturbs me is why don’t we have a king of that age? Would be a sole king of that age also be so ungrudgingly tolerated? Wouldn’t he be confronted with perpetual embarrassing questions about his political … Continue reading

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The Perks Of Dating Much Older Men (The Dark Side)

This is a rather satirical response to a recommended post by The Little Mermaid whose link address is given here []. She illustrates the bright side that easily can be appreciated by an old men dating a much younger woman. … Continue reading

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Neandertal Men Got Extinct

This is bad news actually. It was published recently in an open access scientific paper. It is bad news in particular for all those who believe in the benefit of K-selection. For those unfamiliar with the r/K-theory, this page provides … Continue reading

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The Perks of Cross Cultural Communication

The purpose of this little private assay is rationalizing. Expressing a problem verbally is rationalizing. Avoiding misunderstandings in cross cultural communication is strenuously and meticulously describing with words. It is rationalizing. By contrast, nonverbal communication often fails across cultures. (The … Continue reading

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