Love Trumps Fear

The world is controlled by fear. It cannot be eradicated because wrong believes so deeply ingrained in human thought:

  1. Humans learn to believe that more power would relieve them from fear, but on the contrary.
  2. Humans learn to believe that falling in love would cause more vulnerabilities that they have to fear additionally, but on the contrary.

On the contrary, (1) rising up the power machine will cause more fierce, even life threatening competition and prospects of grand failure that have to be feared, and (2) being in love is the only human condition that completely unburdens from fear.

Besides love there are other types of human endeavor that cause similar pleasure and satisfaction. Among them are the oeuvres of art and science that people create for each other for various purposes and be it for the relieve of the burden of fear.

In heightened expectation to find just that I decided to visit the Chinese Lantern Festival in London. After I read about it I decided it is a must to see, and I was not disappointed at all.

The fist thing I noticed when I approached the gate were excited children that spoke to their parents at a height pitch and very fast. After I had seen the show I could well understand them, and I also witnessed grown-ups fascinated by color and light. Almost everybody strolled the alleys in an exhilarated mood.











Field of flowers




It comes as no surprise that at the end of the exhibition this exhibit was found. It is exactly how you feel like after so many great moments.

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