Airport Inspirations

I never heard that someone has written about the inspiration exudated by an airport. On the contrary, I remember having listened once to an audio-book that claimed the contrary. Anyway, I always feel inspired. I went to a bookshop. The first book that caught my eye titled Adultery by a supposed bestselling author of the Alchemist. I liked that title too, so I went deeper into it. The first sentence like a slogan on the envelope read

“Sometimes you have to loose yourself to discover who you really are.”

And I liked the next sentence too. That one found inside was a quote from the bible:

“Put down into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Luke 5-4.

I decided the book is worth its money and if it were only for these two sentences, which I wouldn’t come across if it were not for the inspiration of an airport.

My flight was a business flight starting a quarter to seven from a German airport and landing a quarter past seven in the City of London. This flight was specifically designed for business people, mostly men. Well some business women were also on the plane. They could be easily clustered into two starkly contrasting groups. Some were old and rather ugly with a fierce look in their eyes that they tended to camouflage by an attractive dress, lots of facial cosmetics, and a forced smile. The other group was well dressed too, but behaved more naturally. They were also younger prettier and always offered a seductive smile when you looked straight into their eyes.

The airplane was a small one and even in this one more than half of the seats were empty. Obviously the few business people were important enough to travel daily between Germany and London.

What I missed in this plain was a business class. Obviously, all the seats were in that category and I was entitled to participate although I didn’t extra-pay for business class.

The other remarkable fact about this flight was the extraordinarily attractive flight attendant. She excellently spoke German and English, and I cannot even say which was her native language. Maybe none of these two. She was not only exceptionally good looking, but also quite charming and you always felt she liked her job to entertain this distinct set of passengers. Probably she made it her life strategy to catch one of the recurring male passengers to start on an other carer as a wife to an affluent household.

The take off was remarkable as it happened at the sunrise. The flight itself was unremarkable as it happened midst the clouds, nothing to be seen through the window, and the encounters with the flight attendant were all too short because of all her other guests. Thus I leaned back and began to resume reading my book.

While the first two sentences—as I wrote before—were so exciting, the first two paragraphs, by contrast, were a great disappointment.

“Every morning when I open my eyes to the so called “new day,” I feel like closing them again, staying in bed, and not getting up. But I can’t do that.”

OMG, is this book about a middle aged women experiencing her life crisis? Was my first question. That is nothing I would enjoy to read about. Women like that is something you can experience first hand all day long. But it came even worse.

“I have a wonderful husband who is not only madly in love with me, but also the owner of a large investment fund. Every year—much to his distaste—he appears in Bilan magazine’s list of the three hundred richest people in Switzerland.”

Well it definitely is about a middle aged women feeling her hypergamy re-awaking. And worst of all it is not just a book about justifying female hypergamy it is moreover a quite unrealistic one. It is one to please loosers of both sexes likewise.

Women looosers are always married to an unsuccessful man and they always feel the drive to improve. They are pleased to hear that women married to a rich man have similar problems.

Men loosers, always are confronted with women who don’t respect them and accuse them to be the source of her unhappiness. They are pleased to hear that women of rich men feel likewise unhappy, so rich men are not better off.

But they are. Successful men are surrounded by attractive women, as in this airplane, which I just enjoy to flight with while preparing for landing. As successful men always have enough choices they are not so much concerned to hold their women, but rather to lay her off as cost effectively as possible.

Women of successful men on the other hand are not so much concerned about finding a new distraction but rather to keep the man attracted to her and to fend off compeditors. Women have developed quite remarkable strategies to achieve this. The most pleasant are the entertaining ones, like our flight attendant. Unfortunately, this lasts only for a short period. In particular, when a women feels she becomes boring and even ugly, she switches to an other strategy the most despicable of them is intimidation.

I’m sure nothing of this real life experience will be communicated in this book.

After the first few pages I found I had enough. I left it at the airport waiting area. If you find it, you can read it. Relate me the rest.

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