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Artful Decoration of Easter Eggs for K-Selection

What decorating Easter Eggs has to do with K/r selection theory? You probably remember that K/r-selection theory stands for a selection in reproductive behavior including mating. Maybe you also know that this theory to a certain degree is applicable to … Continue reading

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Chinese Calendar—農曆

These are the Zodiac signs as they were exhibited at the Lantern Festival London 2016. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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Why the Brits Say Sorry so Often

“The readiness of the English to apologize for something they haven’t done is remarkable, and it is matched by an unwillingness to apologize for what they have done,” wrote Henry Hitchings in his aptly-titled Sorry!: The English and their Manners. … Continue reading

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Love Trumps Fear

The world is controlled by fear. It cannot be eradicated because wrong believes so deeply ingrained in human thought: Humans learn to believe that more power would relieve them from fear, but on the contrary. Humans learn to believe that … Continue reading

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The Other Treasure Hunt

Find the path on the map.

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Women As Mere Sexual Objects

This is my belated International Womens Day post. In a blog comment a women laments “They [women] are still seen as sexual objects.” When I have a look at this fashion magazin photo I cannot but disagree vehemently. LOL  

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Chiswick Gardens’ Lantern Festival

I got this hint from the Internet. She publishes beautiful pictures of Chiswick Gardens’ Lantern Festival on her facebook pages, so I decided when I can afford the time I city-hop to London to visit the place, but I turned … Continue reading

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Airport Inspirations

I never heard that someone has written about the inspiration exudated by an airport. On the contrary, I remember having listened once to an audio-book that claimed the contrary. Anyway, I always feel inspired. I went to a bookshop. The … Continue reading

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