Cuckoo Alpha

I once knew a couple that lived here in Germany for a while. She had a daytime job while he was sitting at home playing computer games. She was an attractive women, intelligent, lovely, and hard working and everybody wondered why she was sticking with this good-for-nothing type of man. He was so different from the usual types of men that women gravitate to. He was neither a successful alpha male nor was he a beta who could be easily enslaved and exploited. On the contrary she was devoting all her assets, her youth, her attractiveness, and even her income to support him.

As every body may conclude from the introduction a relationship like this cannot be simply explained by the alpha/beta dynamics on one side and the female imperative on the other. We have to further develop these ideas. I call this concept the cockoo alpha behavior, and it has in fact enormous implications in explaining the male flood from Africa into Europe these days.

A good starting point is the concept of the conditional alpha that I read about for the first time in Rolo Tomassi’s book The Rational Male. On the CH website there is a post that explains the same phenomenon in more popular way.

A conditional alpha is a usual beta man whose alpha behavior is conditioned by his social environment. The important point is that our societies created manipulable social conditions that allow to switch on and off a man’s alpha behavior and consecutively the female reaction on it. Typical alpha switches for a man are for instance: a posh car, luxurious lifestyle, a uniform, a supervisor position and so on. In Tomassi’s book the example of a conditional alpha is a teacher who seduced or was seduced by one of his students. The social on-switches for conditional alphas are a product of social evolution. They serve as a decoy for a man to act in a society’s benefit. The best example to illustrate that is an officer who feels pride of his decorations, develops an alpha habit, and gets rewarded by a women eventually. By that simple mechanism a government can cajole men doing the most stupid thing ever possible, risking ones own life for the sake of others.

Well there is an other prerequisite for this conditional alpha switch to work. Men have to be preconditioned in a beta state. In other words, this switch is an on-switch only, so control by that switch only works if the men’s default state is off. Thanks to Lloyd deMause and his studies on psychohistory we know a lot about this preconditioning that is accomplished by systematic child abuse for several thousand years. (see his book The Origins of War in Child Abuse According to his studies men’s preconditioning is predominantly the work of their mothers and is exerted against boys while daughters not only are saved but also preconditioned to become the same male offspring abusers in their future families.

Knowing this, the introductory example is not a puzzle any more. It can be solved as follows: The man in the above example wasn’t raised by a mother. Instead when he was born his mother left the family, so he never experienced a mother’s intimidation. He was never forced to the default beta mode. He was just a natural alpha. And the women in our example adored him because surrounded by intimidated betas she felt that he was offering what everybody else was striving for. She felt secure although he was not securing anything material in her life.

This example also teaches us that women are not rational thinkers. They are good at sensing social hints of security. And when these social clues of security are faked they fall for it anyway. This is a self-defense gap and as always in nature such gaps are exploited by parasites. The cuckoo alpha, the man who by his manners pretends to be an alpha male but in fact is just a sucker, is such a social parasite.

If you think about it you might find similar phenomena in our society. The male activist websites perpetually lament the fact that women fall for jerk boys. But it can be even worse some women simply cannot divorce from an alcoholic even if he is bludgeoning her.

Now why this has just such important implications on the so called refugee crisis. The answer is easily found. The male flood that is invading Europe is just a swarm of cuckoo alpha parasites, warmly welcome by a feminine thirst for real alphas.


Is there really someone expecting these man to becoming hard worker in support of society? You can easily imagine these men partying around, but it is hard to see them waking up at 5 am and starting a dirty job at 6 am each morning.

The young men that like locusts spread throughout Europe are just cuckoo alpha parasites who look for a decent European women to care for them. The news spread rapidly among the non-intimidated Arab male population that European women starve for alphas. And also it’s well known that German women, for instance, are diligently working and earning enough to support a family, so they are seeking a place like the man in our introductory example.

Interestingly, this weakness in parasite defense is more pronounced in Western Europe while Eastern European nations still possess a natural defense system against these parasites. The reason for that is also an evolutionary one. The Eastern European nations are closer to the origin. They have been more frequently exposed to similar invasions.

The situation is a tragedy for men and women likewise. Because of the above mentioned default beta state of Western males, a few women only are lucky enough to find a real alpha. For me as a man, it is hard to imagine the disappointment in a women who lost her youth and any chance to date a proper alpha male, but it should be a quite strong feeling of remorse given the excitement by which the invasion of these cuckoo alphas is greeted by some of them.



A company of older women greeting a gang of male invaders. Please note on this picture the uglier and older the more enthusiastic, the prettier and younger the less interested.

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