Why and How Promote Irrationality

This clip is from a movie called Deep Impact shown on German TV yesterday. It demonstrates a characteristic feature dominating all manipulative media today. The text is spoken in German, but that doesn’t matter so much as the dialog is simple. The women is just repeating an order: “Shut off the engine” while the man tries to counter rationally. The content of his speech is irrelevant as he obeys eventually.

Why did he gave in? No doubt he had the better argument as the women had no rationale at all, just female intuition.

Because she is female, good looking, wearing a read sweatshirt, and sitting in a red chair makes it quite plausible to follow her blindly, doesn’t it. The message that female intuition trumps any rational consideration is no coincidence. There is a reason why this message is conveyed to German audience today.

This short scene from a Hollywood movie mirrors the bigger political theater. Despite all rational arguments against the male flood—called refugees, the political elite stubbornly follows a decisions made by females and leftists intuitively. Subconsciously this movie supports the irrational even criminal decisions made by the policy makers.

But the film also has an other message. Why would people be so willing to accept irrationality? That happens only because of a stress situation. In stress like that caused by catastrophic events, fear dominates decision making. Rationality is suppressed. People become manipulable. That is why governments create—not prevent—catastrophic events. The governmentally created catastrophes, such as the refugee crisis, just reflect the worldwide and centuries-long fight against humans rationality.


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