Armenian Genocide Then and Now

Armenian Genocide 1915-2015

Lets start with a picture. The left shows a detail of a photograph, an episode from 1915, when men were hang in a central square of a city. To be seen is one of two gallows and a line of men, women, and children waiting for their turn. The right is a typically contrived snapshot of a blithesome Christmas party featuring a luxuriously decorated Christmas tree. (The women who touches one of the expensive glitter balls is taken out of the picture for keeping her privacy.) The interesting point of the second picture is not what is on it, but rather what is missing, the children. In fact, the whole scene is not a bit child-friendly, even worse it is typically anti-children. Not only there is no room for a child to play around, even worse if accidentally a toddler would have entered the room, it would have been permanently admonished not to touch anything around that tree.

One would wonder what makes these two pictures so similar? The two scenes of horror and mirth couldn’t be more contrasting, could they? Still, the net effect on population dynamics is just the same. While by the 1915 genocide Armenian people were slaughtered to prevent them from reproducing their culture and genes, by the 2015 genocide young people in her best reproducing age are tempted by luxury to avoid children.

Admittedly, the 2015 genocide feels much better. There is no pain involved. On the contrary, it even induces pleasure and pride and it doesn’t feel like genocide at all. But I can assure you true genocide it is, and that it is not understood as genocide yet, doesn’t say anything. If studying history, you will realize that the 1915 genocide wasn’t perceived as such back then—some people don’t even admit it today. Anyway a few people did realize the genocide back then, and a few people do today.

By the way, it is not a sole Armenian problem anymore. It is the type of genocide effectively committed by Western countries for more than a century. It is spread throughout the world and by now only few countries are left out. You, Armenians living in remote mountains, were forgotten for so long, but by last century you became part of that worldwide genocidal story. Welcome to the cruelties of this world. The cruelties that are so dangerous because camouflaged with pleasure.

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