Psychic but Sexy

„Gestört aber geil“ is an anomination that works in German. The exact translation “though psychologically abnormal, sexually attractive” loses all its bite. The approximation “Psychic but Sexy” seems to work well.


I found this placard on my way to work today, and I like it as yesterday evening I became acquainted with a strange couple. The young women was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She looked very attractive, even a lot younger than her age. Maybe because of her long term medication, her face appeared child-like, and maybe because of her psychic disorder, she radiated an eery vibe which made her all the more alluring.

Her partner, a simpleton himself, probably never caught the whole scope of the problem. He obviously enjoyed her sexual attractiveness a lot. His only complaint that she takes so many drugs and he wanted to ask her doctor to take them away.

I ventured to mention that this might not be such a good idea, after all. I imagine in a psychic fit she suddenly strangles him while asleep, or out of a paranoid hallucination, she slowly poisons him.

It is a different matter to lay a psychic women or to actually live with her.

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