The male flood

When browsing German newspapers for pictures of refugees I only see males. The only photo showing a women is the one at the bottom, but even she is surrounded by an ocean of men. This does not match at all our understanding of war refugees. I would expect women and their children whose homes were destroyed by bombs and whose providers (fathers or husbands) killed on the battlefield, but this flood of refugees is different. It is almost exclusively male.

  • What is going on here?
  • Did these men abandon their families?
  • Did they cowardly fleeing their own problems at home?
  • Are they troublemakers themselves looking for a easier targets? After all it is far less dangerous to throw bombs and knife attack in a peaceful country like Germany than in a place where everyone has a gun.
  • Are these men really coming to Germany for the sole purpose of living on welfare as German right wing extremists perpetually claim?

I’m not a racist at all. I’m a strong supporter of the idea that everyone should be given the opportunity to freely choose his or her country of living. The more because I knew my parents and grandparents were suffering various pogroms. However, what is going on here, I’d like to understand.

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