Harnessing the criminal energy of the stupid

Every dictatorship, with or without the a veil of democracy, maintains its power by giving the stupid people the chance to command, suppress, or even kill the more capable.

On the first glance, it seems counterproductive—and it is—to allow the less capable to control the more capable. This, by the way, is the reason why every dictatorship failed in the long run. A dictatorship is notoriously outperformed by a system in which the more capable are in control. But in the short run it is quite effective in maintaining the dictatorship itself.

Why is it so effective to allow the stupid to govern the intellectuals? Because the stupid are not so stupid after all. They probably sense their inferiority and are well aware of the competition of being replaced. Now if the dictatorship hands over the tools and the permission to fight their competitors, they would use it with all imaginable cruelty. The dictatorship has not even to give the specific order to exert pressure, the stupid will use their ingenuity to develop such measures themselves.

Such cruelties of the mediocre to suppress the excellent performers is the backbone of each dictatorship in all time and all culture. It is the way to harness stupidity to maintain dictatorship which comes out naturally.

Historic examples:

  1. Holocaust
    The holocaust was the permission of eliminating a more intelligent people by the German mob granted by the Nazi dictatorship. It is remarkable the ingenuity by which the mediocre Germans developed and maintained the extermination machinery.
  2. The Armenian genocide
    At the beginning of the last century the Armenians suffered a similar genocide. They also were the most gifted in a Turkish dictatorship.
  3. Chinese in Indonesia
    The same destiny as the Jews and the Armenians suffered in Europe, the Chinese were doomed to suffer in many Asian countries, the outrage in Indonesia being the most recent.
  4. European inquisition
    The European inquisition maintained by the Catholic Church was nothing else but a permission granted to priests to eliminate more intelligent people like Giordano Bruno. In my opinion, it was also a permission to sexually abuse young women by priests in celibacy. That is probably the reason why so many women were executed by the inquisition.

Recent examples:

  1. The Mugabe dictatorship
    In Zimbabwe, Mugabe maintained his dictatorship by allowing his followers to confiscate land from white farmers, which inspired a hole range of cruelties and murder.
  2. Affirmative action
    Affirmative action is but a euphemism of discrimination, the core action of each dictatorship. An other euphemism is positive discrimination as if discrimination becomes a good thing with an adjective like positive.
  3. Feminism
    As feminist world wide fight for discriminating men they became an essential support of each modern dictatorship.
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