Those who cannot feel anything show no hesitation to play games with other people’s feelings.

Yes, slave trade is the most attractive business ever, and its attractiveness is still growing. What improved over the centuries is the methods of obfuscation.

It’s much more pleasure to seduce than to be seduced.

In life, you are always right if you fight for your own best interest—you are always wrong if you fight for the interest of others. The challenge is to figure out which is the your own best interest.

Self obsessed egomaniacs do not adapt to the world but perpetually teach the world how to accept their behavior.

The problem with ground breaking science: Many people feel uncomfortable if the ground breaks beneath their feet.

Information is never dangerous except for cheaters feeling exposed.

The ability to learn (i.e. intelligence) can be measured by the number of repeated mistakes.
( inversely, of course

Justice is an illusion created to be taken away.

Rights are little privileges granted to those who keep injustice in place.

Maturity is the gift of taking criticism for praise.

This gift can be a curse though :-)))))))))

If you love someone you cannot hurt her. If you hurt someone you cannot love him.

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