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Harnessing the criminal energy of the stupid

Every dictatorship, with or without the a veil of democracy, maintains its power by giving the stupid people the chance to command, suppress, or even kill the more capable. On the first glance, it seems counterproductive—and it is—to allow the … Continue reading

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Right is a system of privileges in an ocean of injustice.

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The two rascals reloaded

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Stendhal Effect

Stendhal (1783-1842) the famous French writer was forged into a novelist during his stay in Milano. I think an important role in this development played his falling in love with Métilde. He tries to rationalize (as men much too often … Continue reading

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Music collection

Music like mathematics is tamed randomness …   Though the movements of ants seems random to our eyes, it is in fact purposeful behavior. Its is like mathematics and music tamed randomness.    

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Amazing picture collection

This gallery contains 15 photos.

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Those who cannot feel anything show no hesitation to play games with other people’s feelings. Yes, slave trade is the most attractive business ever, and its attractiveness is still growing. What improved over the centuries is the methods of obfuscation. … Continue reading

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Pink pasture

Admittedly this landscape merely is an impressive but rather jejune backdrop. What it cries for is a glamorous actor, a beautiful women, perhaps wink emoticon Can you imagine her silky clothes gently moved by the wind.

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Marmalade is sweet and tasty, but you cannot eat it all day long. You get sick and will throw it up eventually. —Mark Twain

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Is love stronger than death

Love isn’t stronger than death, but it is stronger than the fear of death.

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