10 Signs That Indicate You Are Victim of Seduction

1. Difference in age and social status

Age difference is the most obvious sign. It may work in both direction. It might be a young women seducing an old man or vice versa. Old men are such an easy prey. They often become addicted to young temperaments in particular if they begin to feel the loss growing with age, and they are an attractive prey too, if got rich. Young women, by contrast, are challenging if falling prey to an old man then probably he is an experienced seducer. When Pablo Picasso seduced Françoise Gilot she was 21 and he 63.
The switched gender seduction, young man old women, is uncommon, nearly impossible biologically even, so if you see it, think of a more likely commercial relationship.

2. Sexual experience

It also includes experiences in relationships. No one is born as a seducer he or she has to learn the ability, so there might be victims on the way. Picasso wouldn’t have been able to seduce a more than 40 years younger women if he hadn’t seduced hundreds before.

3. Isolation from friends and family

If your partner isolates you from friends and family you are likely seduced, as seduction works in isolation only where the victim, you, has no choice but to communicate with the seducer. But it also works the other way around. The seducer may have a history of coldbloodedly abandoning his or her family and friends which indicates the ability of emotional detachment. As the one may cause the other, seductiveness becomes contagious.

4. Mood shifts

If you notice inexplicable mood shifts in your partner, you are probably seduced. As true love is a constant emotional status, that makes mood shifts hard to perform. If they are easily accomplished this invariable indicated an emotional detachment.

5. Inability to withdraw and make own decisions

If you feel compelled to make decisions not based on rationality but on emotions, predominantly the fear of loss, you are likely under a spell.

6. Inability to let go

True love is selfless by definition. This entails that whenever you feel that your partner is better of without you, you will let him or her go. If you feel the need to stay by all means, you are probably seduced and the seducer commands your feelings.

7. Making foolish decisions in behalf of the seducer

It is well documented in history that ruler abandoned whole empires for the sake of being accepted by the seducer. Julius Cesar and Mark Antonius are the most prominent examples. They were seduced by the same women Cleopatra, one of the most famous seducers in history.

8. Ruin oneself economically and physically

Those foolish decisions inevitably lead to ruin. Also Mark Antonius and Cesar may serve as an example here. Well Hitler, seduced by Marlene Dietrich and Eva Braun, ruined his country too, but I guess it wasn’t their fault alone.

9. feeling understood (for the first time)

We humans are complex creature. Everyone of us is unique. It is almost unlikely that two people may fully understand each other for unlimited time. Please keep in mind the rule: If something is too good to be true it probably isn’t true. If your partner pretends to fully understand you, you are most likely tricked.

10. refuse to take responsibility in a partnership (children)

The hardest criterion of a seduction, however, is the refusal of the seducer to take responsibility in a partnership. That is to commit and to invest into a common partnership. A seducer is primarily interested in draining off the victims resources not in investing for a common goal. The touch stone in that respect is the question about raising children. Children are a huge common investment. All seducers be they male or female have been fervently avoiding responsibility.

To close my little record I have to mention that Pablo Picasso had two children with his last wife Françoise Gilot, so I don’t want to do him unjustice by calling this relationship a seduction only. Maybe love was in the game this time or at least mutual seduction.

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