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The stupid are hard to understand

Sometimes when you cannot understand an other person’s action, he/she is not exceptionally clever—just stupid. Advertisements

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Source of Motivation

Sometimes I feel the world is divided into people who act out of pain and those who act out of pleasure. The former being driven by fear the latter by the prospect of joy. The former produce war the latter … Continue reading

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Fight for Freedom

“If you give up a part of your freedom to fight for freedom, you have already lost your freedom.”

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Ignore your failure

“Happy are those who can ignore which cannot be changed anymore.”

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Hate Reciprocated by Love

Those who understand the world love the people. They love them regardless all the evil and hatred among them.

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Seducer type Siren

The Siren is the most ancient seducer type and almost exclusively used by women. „An element of fear is also critical: keeping a man at a proper distance creates respect, so that he doesn’t get close enough to see through … Continue reading

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Book Review Art of Seduction

The downside of seduction is inducing emotional dependence. The upside, on the other hand, is improvement of mutual understanding. This book offers an introduction into seduction. And what the author meant by seduction is best expressed by this quote: “Men … Continue reading

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My Friend Echo

H A L L O…HALLo…HALlo…HAllo…Hallo…hallo…hall…hal…ha…h… Your best friend Echo :-)))))))))) Sorry. Though Echo is a devoted and reliable friend, he is of no use save for self-obsessed narcissist frown emoticon

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Glasgow 2

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On the first glance Glasgow has similarities with America: the shopping center and the food court. Yes it was a rainbow that peeked around the corner, and I got it with my wide-angle lens at the plaza. A full rainbow … Continue reading

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10 Signs That Indicate You Are Victim of Seduction

1. Difference in age and social status Age difference is the most obvious sign. It may work in both direction. It might be a young women seducing an old man or vice versa. Old men are such an easy prey. … Continue reading

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