Caveats of True Love

True love is unconditional as a matter of fact, but this has its caveats: It prompts self-obsessed behavior, so the following rules can be determined.

  1. Unconditional love renders the one who is loved egocentric. As unconditional love persists regardless of any positive or negative feedback, the beloved person deprived of such important social adjustments becomes self-content, self-obsessed even.
  2. Unconditional love is never reciprocated. As the beloved person will take any courtesy for granted, the love is considered a cheap commodity, nothing that needs to be responded or nurtured.
  3. A stable relationship is better not based on true, unconditional love but on a contract with mutual benefit.

In the short run, the self-obsessed seems to be better off. In the long run however, that self-obsession leads into emotional deprivation which triggers various types psychosocial discomfort, addiction for instance.

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