Men’s liberation day

Every year at the beginning of May there is a day which men claim it’s their. Actually it is the Feast of the Ascension, an official Christian holiday in Germany. As Germany grew ever more atheistic, this day was increasingly used for recreation. Because in the middle of a week, it is not suitable for family recreation, so it remained a domain of men’s recreation. By the time it grew into a tradition that men on that particular day join a tour group of men to roam popular excursion destinations. Such bands partying along the streets clog public transport, and by the costumes, the placards, and banners, they rather resemble a big demonstration. An in fact, it is a demonstration. It is the official liberation from the female yoke, if only for one day.

Me, who never yielded to female governance, I find these processions rather ridiculous and preposterous. Such a popular destination for recreation is the Spreewald, a few kilometers South to Berlin. It is optimal for a day trip. spreewald spreewald0 spreewald3

As I like to row calm channels and to watch an almost undisturbed nature. I wonder what pleasure exudes from those places.


I’m not a fiend of BBQ either, so I wonder what is exciting about eating meat that resembles charcoal in color and taste.


The most precious picture I took that day was of a swallow nest, with the young poking out their little heads to get food whenever I approached with my camera.


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