The d’Artagnan Principle

It was about a year ago. I was on holiday. It was perfect relaxation but for one thing. That was when I decided to make a short trip from my holiday destination back home to embrace a beautiful women. To and fro in just one day, about 1000km drive, to spend an hour or so with her. It was exciting.


During the boring drive along Germany’s autobahns, I recalled a story that I read years ago. It was written by Alexander Dumas in one of his books featuring d’Artagnan. Remember d’Artagnan was one of the musketeers. One day, d’Artagnan was riding a whole day to spend just one night with a women he enjoyed. Next morning he was on his way back to Paris facing again an other day on horseback.

Men—real men—cannot but behave that way.

For a beautiful women, it’s worth making things that to others might seem foolish. Remember though it’s for a most beautiful of reasons.

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