Emma Watsons’s Bitchy Resting Face vs. Transient Bitchy Face

We all know Emma Watson. She was the pretty girl in every Harry Potter movie. She was the tough girl at his side who didn’t flinch from punching a boy right in his face. Everybody seeing this movie is made to believe that such a strong girl was necessary for Harry to overcome all his ordeals. I wonder if that is true life, or is it just wishful thinking of the author JK. Rowling, or even worse is it ideology that we have to absorb. Anyway, Emma is now into politics, leading a campaign HeForShe, which she introduces by a remarkable speech at the UN in New York. Visiting the first few minutes I had enough. The poor girl, probably not so successful as a grown up actress, found her ecological niche by charming old men at responsible political positions, or to put it more bluntly, sucking up to them.

Emma Watson in old men politics

Emma Watson in old men politics

I wouldn’t care if it were not our tax money that the brotherhood of crooks is burning. But that’s an other story. Actually it was the story I just wanted to write when I made a remarkable discovery, and this article is about that discovery, part of my research but a little bit digressing. When I was searching for Emma Watson’s picture I decided to take captures from her YouTube videos. The first video that popped up was one that can still be found by google search “Brittany Award” and “Harry Potter hamster died”. But these random captures were almost useless. On almost everyone she looked ugly and hostile. As this was the feeling I always have when I see her, I wondered if I was on to something bigger. I remembered a psychological experiment conducted in the fifties that demonstrated that flashing pictures into a movie for only a few miliseconds can subconsciously change behavior. In this experiment Coca-Cola and popcorn were shown, and the result was a remarkable increase in sales after the pictures.


I didn’t notice Emma Watson’s hostile and ugly visage so far—after all she is a good looking actress—though the pictures are there abundantly, as can be proved by everyone. My hypothesis went as follows: Did my feeling uncomfortable with her appearance, has something to do with me subconsciously noticing her ugly interruptions.


  1. Sampling has to be random to ensure a reliable percentage number of ugly pictures. Above random sampling I used a method of action sampling such that whenever I felt she is good looking with only a few milliseconds delay I captured a picture.
  2. Interpretation is always subjective. I was the only person who judged the picture for ugliness, but you are invited to make your own judgement.
  3. Control group consists of pictures taken from other actors especially those I love to watch.


Sample pictures are shown here.

This picture shows a collection of samples taken from her video

This picture shows a collection of samples taken from her video

In random sampling more than 50% of the pictures showed an ugly face. Astonishingly the number was even greater with action sampling. Nearly all pictures looked ugly when I searched for good looking scenes.


Given my first impression I was kind of astonished that with random sampling only about 50% of the pictures showed her ugly face. With action pictures taken only a few moments after she looked exceptionally pretty the number was nearly 100%. The control group showed lower results especially in the sample of action picture. The ratio always ranged below 20%. Some research in this field revealed that a similar phenomenon is already known as bitchy resting face (BRF) which has an abundant literature on the internet. What I found with Emma Watson in this video, however, is something different from BRF. Women suffering BRF show it most of the time and we realize it instantly. By contrast, Emma Watson doesn’t look bitchy usually. She has a quite remarkable talent to conceal it. She is an actress after all. She has a transient bitchy face (TBF) Though the public is not yet aware of it, TBF is more common than usually thought. You can spot people with TBF when snapshots are taken instead of posing for a photo. When you browse your photos of the latest family event, and your girl friend looks unfavorably in most of them, she definitely has TBF and you are incapable to see it real time because you’re love blinded. I wonder if TBF is a product of emotional stress or depression or nasty feelings. I tried the same experiment with Emma Watson’s speech at the US assembly. The figures were significantly lower. She felt more comfortable there, and she had not as much to discuss a subject of hatred. Joking about a hamster named Harry Potter dying while she was so occupied by her more important task, filming requires a remarkable degree of cold-bloodedness. Usually, such a death of a beloved pet causes a young girl to break into tears. Maybe she was not able to hide these emotions all together. Maybe she is not such a good actress after all. This topic triggered even more questions and hypotheses that require further experiments.

  1. Is there a perception bias for BRF/TBF? I already mentioned love blindness. I further assume that that awareness decreases with age and same sex is more perceptible than opposite sex.
  2. Does BRF/TBF reflect age and social pressure? With the all important questions what goes first. Does age lead to BRF/TBF which reduces social acceptance and increases social pressure, or is it the other way around? Does because of social pressure BRF/TBF ensues which leads to aging.

I confess, the latter hypothesis is my favored, as it would lead to my recommendation to Emma Watson not to stay in that circle of politicians for too long as it will accelerate her aging process.

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