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The d’Artagnan Principle

It was about a year ago. I was on holiday. It was perfect relaxation but for one thing. That was when I decided to make a short trip from my holiday destination back home to embrace a beautiful women. To … Continue reading

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If Life Is a Mess

If life is a mess, it is but a fertile ground for new, great and interesting things to happen.

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Emma Watsons’s Bitchy Resting Face vs. Transient Bitchy Face

We all know Emma Watson. She was the pretty girl in every Harry Potter movie. She was the tough girl at his side who didn’t flinch from punching a boy right in his face. Everybody seeing this movie is made … Continue reading

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Failed Achievements

Successful men even have a long list of failures, botches, and bruises. Most of them have female names.

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The Orbiter Theory

This is an other article from my research series. It is about how orbiters can be identified mathematically by analyzing social websites. The theory behind this research is mainly based on the orbiter definition as given by Rollo Tomassi. An … Continue reading

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