Border Crossing at Leipzig Book Fair

In each and every exhibition there is one exhibit or one booth that fascinates you most. You cannot see them all. You are not a catalog. You are not meant to become a dictionary. You are much more than that. You are able to experience. Experiencing means making choices based on emotions. Well and my emotions skyrocketed in this booth. booth

(Not because of that women, honestly 😉 I didn’t even realize that that she looks quite pretty, doesn’t she. I never looked in her face. She sat beside me on that little pillow below the shelf, but I had eyes for the texts only. Now that I see this picture I sincerely regret as everyone can imagine.)

But this little anecdote probably helps to imagine how fascinated by the books I was, its content and the publisher e-enterprise. The publisher showed a total of mere 6 books. (All the other publishers had more than 6 books on each shelf.) But that scarcity attracted my attention in the first place, and I was not disappointed.

These books crossed the borderline between mathematics, physics, and philosophy. The approach was clearly metaphysical, and as far as I read not dominated by any of the big ideologies. It was real science, and although the books tackled fundamental questions of our existence I haven’t find any logical fallacies yet.

I definitely will read more.

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