When stupidity grows It maybe because of stupidity?

The more stupid a person the more likely he/she will call other people stupid.

For the ignorant, it is the greatest pleasure to call the other—the more intelligent in particular—stupid. Unfortunately or not, in Western societies the stupid become more affluent or the affluent become more stupid. (I’m not sure which one applies here, maybe both) Anyway, it is free of doubt that ever more money concentrates in the hands of ever more stupid, which triggers the stupefying business. It is not just a business any more, it became a whole industry in which rather handsome and intelligent people earn their money by playing the fool, such that every real fool feels elevated in watching.

Now having finished this post, I have to ask myself is it just my stupidity growing when I assess a growing portion of the population becoming more stupid? or is this last remark just my concession to the growing stupidity?

You never know 😉

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