Last Birthday

Last Christmas is a schmaltzy song. I hate it because it is belted out each Christmas plenty of times though it is not a Christmas song at all. It is a love song. As such, It always spoils my Christmas feelings. I use to turn off the radio as soon as I hear the first notes.

Now is different. Now this very song mirrors my feelings, though it would need some little editing. Instead of Last Christmas it should go Last Birthday now.

It was a wonderful day, hard to forget. She wore a brand new gray pullover. It was so tight. Along with her tight jeans it gave a perfect impression of her fine figure. She looked more gorgeous than ever. She was in a happy mood and the twinkle of love in her eyes made her even more seductive, more desirable.

She lured me into the woman’s locker room. We kissed hotly and fearfully. After all I found myself in a time, in a place, and in a position where I wasn’t meant to be. It was so exciting though. I’ve never kissed someone else and felt so much ever since.

Regrettably I left the party too early. I turned away from her and to my sports. I went swimming. When I recall that day I remember me being confused by love. I was too excited to absorb all of my happiness and love at once. My head spinning already, I wanted to save some of these emotions for later. What a mistake. Remember, you cannot save emotions. Instead, you have to nurture them or they fade away. So it came as no surprise that it was not the beginning it was the end. And so for not savoring the moment I now have my regrets.

Almost since that birthday she blocks me out as I stopped her. She blocks me right now, and I simply don’t know how I can get through to her again.

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