How to communicate through a website

This article describes ways to communicate through a website. Still the most straight forward way is to write an email, but that is not always the most favored one for variable reasons. The most important among them is that an email is usually not anonymous, and for many to set up an anonymous email is awkward. So I will describe easier ways to communicate by simply using this or other anonymous websites as dating websites, for instance. The ways I’m going to describe are ordered by effectiveness, the Shannon information content per unit of time ;-).

  1. The least effective method is I send a message and receive a feedback of just one bit of information signaling content or discontent. This feedback can be given by just visiting my profile again (provided the browse invisibly flag is turned off – otherwise your visit is always invisible, of course). As long as I receive that bit of information I will keep texting you messages. If you want me to stop immediately drop me a note if you feel annoyed block me, but that never happened yet and probably never will.
  2. A more effective method is sending an anonymous message through the dating website’s mailing system. That method has a drawback too. In my experience only a few answered messages can spoil the “replies very selectively” status which so many women are eager to keep. I f you want me to restore it ask for some dummy messages 🙂
  3. You can comment on this website. Though the interface asks for email and so on, you may safely ignore it. Type what ever you want the system will accept and I won’t care. Also important you comments will be invisible to others as long as I refuse to make them visible. I would do that on your request only, and of course if I feel it’s worth.
  4. An even more sophisticated method of communication is setting up an own blog account. With it is possible to do so anonymously, and it offers a wide variety of option to include text formatting, pictures, videos and other media. For the same purpose, it is possible to set up an anonymous facebook account, but that proves to be more tricky and I cannot offer help with that.

I hope this hints help a bit to improve communication, but being realistic as with the one-in-ten rule I suppose most will stick with the first method 🙂

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