Walking in Berlin

This page shows the differences of Berlin culture, the differences between relaxed culture that happens outdoor and stiff counterpart behind closed doors.


Street Art

The street art examples below tackles a rather social aspect of life.

This one is more personal, contemplative. No doubt, it is more emotionally and intellectually stimulating compared to the exhibition art in the next section below.


The next one even has a hidden political message.


Exhibition Art

Mathematics is simple, the expression profane, and the meaning obvious. Anyway, it is understood by most people. They talk about it. They kind of like it.
This picture is from an exhibition, …


Even more emptiness is offered by this painting. It can be found in the same exhibition and obviously comes from the same painter.
Mathematically interesting to state that the master is familiar with the set of three figures S={0,1,2} and two operations on them O={+,-}. That nearly defines a group structure 🙂



Street Music

Mona Weiss. She is a pretty good street singer and got my like on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/monaweissmusician?fref=ts). Her dog was (yowling) singing too. Two likes for the dog 🙂

When I recently learned about censorship on facebook I didn’t believe that actually Germany is more censoring than Russia, for instance. But when I searched my older posts for this one featuring the street performance of the The Guns of Brixton, it was gone. Censorship on facebook? I’m not sure. What I’m sure about is that this song is critical and that these brave young men performed it with empathy near the Brandenburg Gate.

Theater Performance



There is more to say about this placard… It is not just advertising a book whose title offers an inappropriate method to solve problems at workplace 🙂

It did escape me in the first place because of language problems, but it is a gender issue too. The translation “Kill Your Boss” was not to the point. The exact translation is “Kill Your Male Boss”, not the female one. German language rigorously makes that difference 🙂

Also it is probably a political issue. This placard was found as abundantly across Berlin as candidate posters in election times. The not so eye catching top line says “Ideas are free”, which is the title of a still very popular German song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHuSktaQRuE) originated in the period before the revolution of 1948 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorm%C3%A4rz).


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