Probability and Truth

If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Seek other, more likely, explanations. In order to explain this in respect to relationship I composed the following picture story. The chief part is played by … a woman vampire and an average chump.


A women is entering the scene evaluating the environment: How do men react on me? Is there a chump who qualifies to become my victim.


This nervous chump will be my ideal prey. scene03

He needs some more intimidation though to become an obedient slave. scene04

Now I have to fake some admiration to bolster this looser, and he will take it for love which will restore his self-confidence, as long as I would allow for. scene05

But, as soon as he becomes rebellious, I will remember him of this intimidation and that will be my perfect control lever. He is my slave easy to manipulate.


The full video is available here. []

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