eines Freundes Freund zu sein


Vanessa-Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

It is a remarkable violin interpretation of this famous organ piece.

Franz Schubert – Winterreise

Lyrics in English:

Courage (lyrics)
If the snow flies in my face,
I shake it off again.
When my heart speaks in my breast,
I sing loudly and gaily.

I don’t hear what it says to me,
I have no ears to listen;
I don’t feel when it laments,
Complaining is for fools.

Happy through the world along
Facing wind and weather !
If there’s no God upon the earth,
Then we ourselves are Gods !

My comment

This song “Courage” is from Schubert’s song cycle “Winterreise”. This collection of songs is a typical masterpiece of the era of romantic music. All songs express melancholy, and it is in fact depressing to listen. This one, however, sticks out. It pretends to defy all the odds and overcome depression by “becoming Gods ourselves!” But in my opinion it is the most depressing song of them all.

The solution it offers is unfeasible. (We will never ever become Gods). Becoming God for a man can mean but one two things. On one hand, it is the Jesus-like God who is loving and forgiving, tolerating and even suffering. On the other hand, it is the Zeus-like God who is bossy, dominating and ruthless. This song doubtlessly means the second. Instead of God, it conjures a monster not bothered by the own heart anymore.

The solution is dangerous. In its mildest form, such God-like behavior leads to Utopians that notoriously fail. When find out that heir utopia lead them into a blind alley they often are incapable to find a way out and commit suicide or become killed by the mob, like Robespierre. In its worst case scenario, it leads to God-like egomaniacs that cause a cataclysm to countries and even the whole world, like Hitler.

If you are aware of the prospects you will understand why this song is the most depressing.

Instead of Utopism, Realism is needed. Please keep that in mind. My love.

The Harmonious Blacksmith by Georg Friedrich Handel

While watching this video I suffer harp-envy 😉

My dream of our reunification

I will be right here waiting for you

You say it best when you say nothing at all

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