The Judge And His Hangman — Musings about Social Crime

This is an other article touching my research, from my bench-to-bed series.

The novel “The Judge And His Hangman” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt is a detective story with a deep philosophical background.

Disguised in a confusing story about love, crime, and retaliation the author states two all important rules of social crime:

  1. A person cannot be prosecuted for a crime committed in public.
  2. The same person that cannot be punished for a crime committed gets punished for a crime not committed.

These two rules also go by an other proverb: Who lives like a mafioso will die like a mafioso.

Mafia crime is a typical example of social crime. Rarely a mafioso gets sentenced for his crime. If you want him to get hist justice you have to set him up for something he didn’t do. That is actually what Inspector Barlach successfully executed in Dürrenmatt’s novel.

What however this has to do with my research. Wait a minute this is best explained by the matrix metaphor. The matrix is the public environment. If an element of that matrix drops out, for punishment for a committed a crime for instance, the whole matrix becomes unstable, so the matrix will cover it up in its own vital interest. Right.

If however mathematically the matrix is transformed that very element looses its ability to serve the matrix, and the matrix itself looses its need for that element, so it can be dropped. It is doomed. Some other element of the matrix may be doomed too. That’s why each matrix collectively resists transformation. That’s why each transformation triggers element’s re-orientation.

This dynamic and how it involves the public and the government can be studies in that masterpiece of “Godfather” movies.

Now please allow to draw conclusions of popular bearing.

  1. You may feel stable within a matrix but you are in serious danger with every tranformation even if innocent.
  2. There exists so called neutral elements that survive transformations unscathed. See the lambda in this picture taken from Wikipedia is multiplied into or extracted from the matrix without changing the matrix at all. Such terms survive transformations.

This picture is from Wikipedia (

Yes it is that easy. Social mathematics is just finding the social meaning of mathematical terms,

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