HK – Protests analyzed

It is interesting to learn that three posts that I submitted 4-5 hours ago disappeared from public view. Those posts were kind of critical with the current HK protests. I do not think this is a technical problem …

Here they are again. Lets see what happens next.


The text in the English HK-protests propaganda video says: “By such a hand picked candidate, chances are that he or she would not care what HK people actually need.”

Do you really believe that an American president cares what American people actually need?

Do you really believe that any democratically elected leader in any country of this world cares what his or her people actually need?

But even if, it doesn’t work. Suppose he or she is a honest person and really cares. Please remember there is no such thing as one single interest. A people consists of various groups that have different most often contradicting interests. What ever interest the leader chooses to support it will harm others.


The text in the English HK-protests propaganda video says: “If people have no right to nominate, it’s not universal suffrage”

This sentence might be true or not depending on how you define universal suffrage, I don’t care. What I care about is that it is unimportant, even misleading. The right to nominate has absolutely nothing to do with more influence on the power system. The right to nominate leads but to a longer list of candidates most of them unknown with not the slightest chance to win the election. Again, the rich and influential people wield their power to get their candidate elected. They control mass media, the Internet, the police, the financial system and so on.


The text in the English HK-protests propaganda video says: “Picking out a rotten apple and a rotten orange and letting you choose which one is to be eaten such cannot be true choice.”

This is a stark picture but again it’s misleading as the right to nominate would not allow you to chose a fresh apple. Unlike choosing food a democratic election is a collective decision not an individual one. An individual decision means from a heap of rotten apples you may chose the one you prefer and eat it. In a democratic election, it works out differently. If you see an apple you like, you have to convince others to chose the same one. Only if you all agree upon the same one, it will be chosen. Chances are that this will never happen all the more if the shop keeper wants to sell a rotten one and has all the power to hinder and distort your communication.

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