Correlating social websites

One of our projects is focused on social websites. We calculate predictions that can made by gathering easily accessible data. Easily accessible means data that can be retrieved by simple computer programs. For instance, of an uploaded photo, it is difficult to calculate attractiveness, seductiveness, and sex appeal; but you can easily access the number of uploaded photos, friends and comments made.

Applying these data to a simple model, say ovulation periodicity, you get pretty reliable predictions about the period when a women is in her venus week.

This has enormous practical implications, as a man who wants to approach a women knows in advance when his requests will be most likely turned down and when his chances are much better.

This project brought about other unexpected and even startling implications. You can spot women who are likely on contraceptives (periodicity is less pronounced), men who fake a female profile (no periodicity at all), professionals (using only working hours according their time zone).

Of course, the concept of a venus week is based on ‘serious research’. Some researchers found that lap dancers income varies with Ovulatory cycle. Simply because of a lap dancer’s openness, one can assume.

Miller, G., J. M. Tybur, and B. D. Jordan. 2007. Ovulatory cycle effects on tip earnings by lap dancers: economic evidence for human estrus. Evolution and Human Behavior 28: 375–381.

Also in her venus period, a women looks much more attractive to men as is demonstrated by this photo

The woman in left panel is considered estrous, while the woman in right panel is considered anestrous. Subtle face shape differences have been attributed to men’s preference for estrous women.


while in her reset period, this is probably all what you get.



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