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The One-in-ten Rule

What I’m looking for? As this is the main entry point from any dating website I use to approach a women, please allow to explain my intentions. All hinges with a rule that I call the one-in-ten rule. And, this … Continue reading

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A women’s hidden accusations

Emma Watson gave a remarkable speech about gender inequality. Remarkable in many aspects. It is for the first time I guess that a self proclaimed feminist dissociates herself from man hating. She is an extraordinary good looking women. She is … Continue reading

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HK – Protests analyzed

It is interesting to learn that three posts that I submitted 4-5 hours ago disappeared from public view. Those posts were kind of critical with the current HK protests. I do not think this is a technical problem … Here … Continue reading

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Two-sided-provocation Principle

Here in Germany exists a remarkable collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. One of them is The Brave Little Tailor. In one episode, the Brave Little Tailor succeeded in killing two giants simply by provoking them to kill … Continue reading

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Facebook Copied

I’d like to add the inversion in more contemporary words: Those who can afford the time have but the best time management.

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Correlating social websites

One of our projects is focused on social websites. We calculate predictions that can made by gathering easily accessible data. Easily accessible means data that can be retrieved by simple computer programs. For instance, of an uploaded photo, it is … Continue reading

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