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Emotional Deprivation and Diversification

Emotions in psychology are the layer that connects neurochemistry, the simple neurological brain functions, and cognition that controls behavior and even our consciousness. Therefore emotions play an important role. They are affected by both the neurochemistry layer below and consciousness … Continue reading

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Clubmoss is an almost living fossil. It survived in some ecological niches only. I detected this shoot on the forest ground in the mountains. In mountain regions, pollinators are rare and time for pollination scarce, so it is an evolutionary … Continue reading

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Landscape impressions from my holiday destination … This became my new desktop background

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The best way to avoid frustration on a dating website is by writing down a little contract. This may seem a bit awkward for someone who just looks for some flirting. But here is the problem because the other person … Continue reading

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Liars, Cheaters, Criminals

… You find them all on a dating website. Lying, though, is normal human behavior. We all use to lie if we can expect to get away with it. Moreover, lying is widely accepted in advertising. For instance, these airlines … Continue reading

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Why dating websites

The main purpose of a dating websites is to remove impediments to love. Those impediments are biological and social. We humans are armed with a set of biological behaviors that keep our body parts intact. Those behaviors maintain a distance … Continue reading

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Landscape pictures ought to express a mood …

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Action Pictures

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Photos may tell us a story …

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Pictures play an important role on dating websites. That comes as no surprise. From our early childhood we learned to synchronize our parent’s facial expression with the content of their speech. And later on we were always sure that the … Continue reading

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